K-Active Europe GmbH

The original education system was included in the company Kinesio Germany GmbH. After the development of the brand K-Active the range of education has been outsourced to the company K-Active Systems GmbH in 2007. In addition to the senior instructors, who are among others trained by Japanese masters, now much emphasis was placed on the education of new instructors to meet the many and worldwide requests. Selection criteria were among others a very good medical know-how in various medical fields, but also the personal aptitudes and teamwork. It then joined into an intensive education for the candidates in the areas of taping, but also in other medical methods. So many of our instructors have been trained in some courses in the method "Anatomy Trains" by Thomas Myers. Besides the very good contacts with Dr. Robert Schleip and his team, to Dr. Guimerteau etc., the cooperation with universities, technical schools or organizations such as the Fascia Research Society help to develop the method. A professor from Poland, doctors, therapists, naturoapths, sport scientists and other professionals who are active in the medical, they make the pool of approximately 50 candidates or instructors. Due to the regular exchanges and the semi-annual instructor meetings, it is ensured that all instructors are on a very high scientific level. Vision In the future, the K-Active Systems would like to integrate this method in oter medical specialities to give the possibility to athletes and patients to stay or become happier and healthier. Furthermore the contact with universities, research institutes or associations should be strenghthened in order to help to substantiate the science behind this method with studies and other work.
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Leukotape Classic (3,75 cm x 10 m, Singlebox)

Bandages (Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology)

Die unelastische Klebebinde für funktionelle Verbände mit hoher Klebkraft.

Die funktionelle Verbandtechnik mit unelastischen Pflastermaterialien kommt in vielen Bereichen der Prävention, Therapie und Rehabilitation von Verletzungen am Bewegungsapparat zum Einsatz.

Leukotape Classic verfügt über eine hohe Klebkraft und ist wasserabweisend. Es ist besonders zugfest und unelastisch. Die Kanten haben einen Zackenschnitt. Mit einem kurzem Ruck lässt sich das Material sowohl in Quer- als auch in Längsrichtung leicht einreißen. Das ermöglicht zügiges Arbeiten ohne Schere. Leukotape Classic hat ergonomisch abgerundete Kanten am Spulenkern, die ein gutes Abrollen ermöglichen.