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Thailand Medical Tourism - offering a wide range of the highest quality medical services at affordable prices.

Located north of the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, south of Laos and Myanmar, and west of Laos and Cambodia, Thailand Is a place where its proximity to other countries allows for convenient sightseeing trips to other Asian countries. It is about the Size of Spain so its land mass is small enough where one can enjoy a large portion of the country during a relatively short stay. Central and eastern Thailand (Bangkok is included in this region) is the most fertile with plantations, landscapes and rice fields, and the Eastern coastline has world renowned beaches. The north is considered the birthplace of Thai civilization and has many archaeological sites for the Indiana Jones in all us, while the south is rich in natural resources.

Thailand Medical Tourism Fame

Thailand offers a range of top-notch medical services for both foreign and domestic patients. Bangkok is the location of one of the most renowned hospitals, Bumrungrad, which was named one of the top 10 world medical destinations by Newsweek magazine. It boasts Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation as well as being named the first private hospitals that attained the Thailand Quality Class (TQC) award. Most of the major accredited hospitals are located in Bangkok, but there is a JCI accredited hospital in Chonburi which is 50 miles (80km) southeast of Bangkok.

Thai hospitals offer a wide range of procedures including, coronary artery bypass grafts, spinal fusions, balloon angioplasty, orthopedics, cosmetic, gastric bypass, and prostate surgeries. Phuket, which is home to a highly ranked beach and is located in the south-central west coast of Thailand has a hospital that specializes in comparatively minor procedures such as dental, eye and cosmetic surgeries as well as dialysis treatments and annual check ups. Hip and knee replacements are also offered.


The official language of Thailand is Thai, but many hospitals that cater to foreigners boast English-speaking staff.   Some Thai do speak English but they are usually localized to major cities.


The Thai climate is very tropical and is thus hot, humid and rife with monsoons. The hottest time of the year is in April and May and the rainiest time of the year occurs between June and October. November to February sees a reduction in humidity and temperature. The average daily temperature fluctuates between 86oF (30oC) and 96.8oF (36oC) depending on the month, and it is advised that travelers bring ample amounts of sunscreen and light weight clothing.

Visa / Entrance Requirements

Tourists from the U.S. and Canada must have a valid passport (that is valid for at least six months on date of entry) but a visa is not required if the duration of the stay is less than 30 days (15 days if entering by land via a neighboring country). Tourists are also required to have a confirmed return ticket and adequate finances to support them during their stay. A single person must have at least 20,000 Baht ($586 USD) and a family must have at least 40,000 Baht ($1,173 USD).

Airlines Servicing this Destination

The airport code for Bangkok is BKK and Phuket is HKT.

The following airlines have flights to Thailand:

Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
Japan Airlines
American Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
Continental Airlines
Thai Airways International


For budget travelers, Thailand has a range of options including hostels, budget hotels, and guesthouses that cost as little as $4 per person per night to $30 per person per night for a private room with the majority of rooms being less than $10 per person per night. There is even a hostel that is $0.62 per night for a 6 bed shared dorm room!

Mid-priced hotels range from $27 USD per night to $139 USD per night. The majority of mid priced/rated hotels are around $52 USD per night.
For those who desire luxurious habitations will have many options to choose from in Thailand. Bankok offers many 5 star luxury hotels ranging in price from $99 USD per night to $28,300 USD. Most of these super luxurious rooms are in the $3,000 to $6,000 range. For the a more “budget” priced 5 star experience there are rooms available in the $200-$400 USD range per night. Habitation in Bangkok is generally limited to hotels, while Phuket has more of a variety of luxurious selections.   From hotels to resorts & spas to villas, Phuket offer a little something for everybody who desires the finer things in life..


The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht.The exchange rate of U.S. dollars to Thailand Thai Baht is $1 USD to ฿32.83 THB (exchange rate subject to change).


Thailand offers historical museums, a children's museum, and more obscure offerings such as the Bangkok Doll Factory and the Ancient Cloth Museum. One can also tour a prison or take a stroll through the green scene: Benjakiti and Benjasiri Parks, and for those interested in religious edifices, Bangkok is home to a Romanesque cathedral and there are many Buddhist temples scattered throughout Thailand (95% of Thai people are Buddhist). Outside of the city, travelers can enjoy world renowned beaches (Phi Phi Island and Patong Beach on Phuket Island made the Travel Channel's World's best beaches list), and take safari tours and river cruises.


Thailand is renowned for its silk which is top notch in both quality and price. Other popular items include: cotton, leather goods, gold and silver, precious and semi precious stones, pearls, dolls, masks, bronze, and bamboo and wooden artifacts. These and other items can be purchased at glitzy shopping malls, Chatuchak (the largest weekend market in Thailand), other outdoor markets, department stores, etc.

Nightlife and the Arts

For those with an affinity towards the arts will be quite pleased with what Thailand has to offer. Bangkok is home to art museums and galleries, as well as theater productions (both classic and contemporary) and Classical Thai orchestras. For those seeking more contemporary music, Thailand offers a variety of genres including pop, disco, and rock, however traditional Thai music is still popular. The venue outlets for such music encompass bars, clubs, and hotels.

There are many English language newspapers that cater to a variety of readership. The Bangkok Post is the leading English language newspaper, Business Day is the only English language business newspaper in Thailand, Chiangmai Mail offers news that is relevant to expatriate communities and locals, The Korat Post is northeastern Thailand's paper, and Pattaya Mail is a weekly paper in Pattaya and the eastern seaboard.

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