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Amedo Smart Tracking Solutions is an innovative start-up company in the field of medical engineering and develops, manufactures and markets medical high-tech systems in close cooperation with renowned specialists and partners from medical industry, hospitals and research.

A quantum leap in wireless radio positioning

The amedo team succeeded in taking a quantum leap in wireless radio positioning by precisely locating the smallest RFID transponders to millimetric accuracy and making this technology available for navigation, which represents a world first.

Unlike the systems currently available on the market, amedo uses an innovative technology platform, the amedo-PRPS (amedo Passive RFID Positioning System) for sub-millimeter precise positioning and localization of micro-meter sized customary passive RFID transponders Positioning systems traditionally used in the medical segment are based on optical and electromagnetic devices. They offer high positioning precision in the millimeter range, but can only be used in a very limited geometric space and for specific applications. Moreover, they are either wired or require free line of sight of the camera to the navigation object.

First 3D laser-assisted navigation in the market

In addition to the amedo-PRPS technology, a second avenue of amedo GmbH is the development, production and marketing of a laser-assisted navigation system for computer-tomography (CT) guided interventions, the amedo 3D-LNS. CT is a widespread multilayering x-ray technique, which was originally developed for diagnostics. Owing to the precise, high contrast imaging, CT is extensively used for planning and guiding minimal-invasive interventions.

These interventions are mainly performed using the so-called freehand method without the aid of navigation technology. The degree of precision and the success of the intervention is highly dependent on the experience of the physician and often requires several control images with high radiation exposure for the patient.


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