Medical Consumables

We understand the need for you to have access to the very best quality medical products and consumables. It is for this reason that we have put together a range of products which will perform the jobs required in the treatment, slowing down or prevention of serious health problems as a result of an accident. Hospital consumables such as needles, syringes, swabs, cotton wool and dressings can be of the utmost importance when dealing with first aid. We pledge to provide safe, sterile consumables that will help look after you in your time of need. We also provide a range of instruments to help with surgical procedures.

We have leading companies which Specialize in distributing and supplying of medical, laboratory, measurement instruments and lab wares & chemicals. Our main Aim is to Provide innovative solutions and high quality products backed with comprehensive cost effective services to our medical and educational partners. Exceeding customer expectation by providing latest innovative technology.

Our mission is to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality, cost effective healthcare products from best of factories around the world and be the leader in providing products and solutions for the patients and medical fraternities.Ranging from Long-Term Care facilities, to hospitals and physicians offices, we provide full range of medical supplies.

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